Current exhibition:

100 Years of Multilateralism in Geneva

8 October 2019 - 31 December 2020

This exhibition has been extended until the end of 2020, as the Palais des Nations is currently closed for visitors due to the COVID-19 measures. We are also working on launching a virtual reality version of this exhibition.

Geneva, Geneva, Geneva

(Click on the image for a sneak preview of just some of the amazing items currently on display at United Nations Museum Geneva.)

For 100 years, Geneva has been at the centre of the international multilateral system. What does that really mean? How has multilateralism evolved? How does it manifest itself? Why has Geneva been considered as an exceptional multilateral platform for a century?

The exhibition "100 Years of Multilateralism in Geneva" explores the evolution of the multilateral system from the establishment of the League of Nations to the activities of the United Nations today.

Through unique archival documents, some of which are on display for the first time, the various sections of the exhibition examine the evolution and place of multilateralism in the functioning of the international system. They also reveal some of the little-known aspects of multilateral diplomacy, at the same time highlighting the exceptional role played by Geneva over the past century.

In a world marked by deep changes, the exhibition makes it possible to grasp the impact of multilateralism on everyone's daily life and invites a reflection on its evolution as well as on its future.

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Bodmer Museum: War and Peace

Virtual Exhibition




During the confinement, the Martin Bodmer Museum offers a virtual tour of its War and Peace exhibition, which was commissioned in partnership with the United Nations (UN Geneva) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The exhibition brings together presents literary works, propaganda material, engravings and archives, rare documents that relate the history of wars, which you can examine as if you were in the museum.

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