Place des Nations

To bring the history of multilateralism in Geneva closer to the public, an exhibition organized by United Nations Office at Geneva, in partnership with the city of Geneva, the Republic and State of Geneva and the Fondation pour Genève, is taking place from 12 to 30 October 2020 in the Place des Nations. The exhibition, entitled “100 Years of Multilateralism in Geneva,” features 18 panels tracing the evolution of multilateralism from the establishment of the League of Nations to the activities of the United Nations today.

The exhibition presents historical archives and other visual material from the history of the League and the UN. The panels show documents such as treaties and important letters, photographs of key events and artefacts such as Nobel Peace Prizes, infographics and other visual material on the activities of the United Nations and the International Geneva more broadly, as well as UN75 Dialogues.

The public will have the opportunity to learn about the century of multilateral history that has largely been shaped in Geneva and to understand what makes Geneva the city of international cooperation and multilateralism today. 

For more information discover the physical exhibition in Place des Nations, or follow the link below for a virtual tour.


Virtual Exhibition