On the occasion of the celebration of 100 Years of Multilateralism in Geneva, and following the launch of the Centenary flags on the Mont Blanc bridge on 3-9 August 2020, the UN Geneva is launching a virtual exhibition on the milestones of multilateralism in Geneva. The virtual exhibition can be accessed here.

“100 years of Multilateralism in Geneva” features 18 double-sided panels presenting some milestones and key successes achieved through multilateral cooperation. It aims to incite reflection on the evolution of international cooperation and its role in the world we know today.

The exhibition shows the multifaceted nature of multilateralism as well as the unique role played by Geneva in the evolution of multilateral cooperation over the last century.  It allows to understand how the city came to be a major multilateral platform, where international actors come together to discuss and find collective solutions to global challenges.

The exhibition is supported by the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, and the Fondation pour Genève. It has initially been conceived as a physical exhibition, which needed to be postponed until a later date due to the COVID-19 situation. 

To provide additional information, including the location(s) of the physical exhibition, we launched an additional Information Page in support of the exhibition, which can be accessed here.