Sep 08
Negotiating in a Multilateral World

The potential and challenges of more inclusive negotiations with Jérôme Bellion-Jourdan. 

As Geneva celebrates a centenary of multilateralism since the establishment of the League of Nations and the United Nations turns 75 amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and its global impact, this session aims to delve into negotiation, the role of negotiators in multilateralism, and the potential for building more inclusive negotiations.

Jérôme Bellion-Jourdan, former negotiator for the European Union, and speakers (to be announced) will interact with attendees to consider the following issues and more: how can negotiators find a collaborative approach to an issue? How can negotiators overcome deadlocks? How can we handle the real or perceived asymmetry of power? What is the role of non-State actors in current State-driven negotiations? Amid calls for a more inclusive multilateralism, the session will explore the potential and the challenges to experiment with new formats of negotiations. Please join us for the interactive session! More details to come.